UASP has devoted its time to designing its core values as CARE Values. CARE Values are a set of critical traits that UASP incorporates in its daily practices, from interactions with students and among staff, to lesson planning, to connecting with parents and our work with the larger community. As a staff team, we strive to role model these values, to demonstrate and emphasize the importance of them throughout each day, so that every one of us contributes to a safe, positive, and engaging After School experience.

Our CARE VALUES are: Citizenship, Attitude, Respect, Effort. C.A.R.E.!


  • We care for each other, and have fun together.

  • We learn more about, and make connections with, our neighbors.

  • We volunteer for local causes in an effort to help those who are less fortunate than us.

What it means to us:

Our COMMUNITY Mission:
UASP aims to find meaningful ways for students to contribute to their community – both the immediate After School community of kids, parents, and staff, and the larger community of the neighborhood that surrounds us. We offer opportunities for building friendships and assisting one another each day, through Peer Mentoring, students leadership roles, and teambuilding activities. We actively support select humanitarian causes throughout the year, through donations of time and talent, hand-made and collected gifts, and financial contributions.



What it means to us:

  • We strive to be positive and friendly in our words and actions.

  • We challenge ourselves to try new things, and support other people when they try things that are new to them.

  • We are good sports, and play games fairly together.

Our ATTITUDE Mission:
UASP encourages and supports healthy, positive attitudes in all of our participants. We aim to promote positive attitudes to help kids try new things, persevere through challenges, and support one another. UASP staff commit to role modeling and working to foster the development of a healthy attitude, through recognizing and encouraging positive language and actions, good sportsmanship, and self-management of emotions.



What it means to us:

  • We think about how our words and actions impact others.

  • We include other people in activities that we do, regardless of our differences.

  • We are careful with the things we use at After School, and leave them in good condition for other people to enjoy.

  • We are kind to our natural environment, and treat plants and animals with care.


Our RESPECT Mission:
UASP strives to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect among staff, students, parents, and our larger community. We understand that what we say and do affects others, and we expect that all UASP participants work and play together with kind words and body language, a respectful tone of voice, and considerate actions. We believe that honesty and accountability are essential in the cultivation of respect for oneself and others. We emphasize the importance of being respectful of our physical space as well, both indoors and out, to keep it in good condition for all members of our community.


What it means to us:

  • We set goals and work hard to meet them.

  • We help out around After School, and do our part.

  • We work through challenges as a team.


Our EFFORT Mission:
UASP prides itself on encouraging the very best in our students. Students come into our program with varying degrees and levels of skills and interests, and we aim to build on those strengths, as well as support the development of new ones. We try to bring out the esteem and confidence in each child that helps them to be creative, take risks, try new things, and think for themselves. We believe that our students are ever-evolving and for this reason, effort can look different for each person. We encourage students to set goals throughout the year, both large and small, and work hard to meet those goals and grow as individuals.